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In recovery for more than 22 years, I hope to make a difference in people’s lives and inspire them in their recovery.



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The Journey through Addiction and Depression to Hope and Recovery

By Joyce M. Willis, LPC

On August 12, 2014, the day after Robin Williams committed suicide, I was talking to my neighbor about this tragic death. My neighbor stated, “What a fool, he had everything and any resource money could afford.” My reply: “We never know what is going on in someone else’s life and it is not up to us to judge his last moments. He must have been feeling despair, loneliness and hopeless at the moment.” 

My neighbor, knowing that I am a mental health therapist, politely conceded, knowing this was not ...Read More

Decision Point Center expands with acquisition of Carleton Recovery Center

Decision Point Center, a renowned name in the treatment industry, announced the acquisition of Carleton Recovery Center as of September 15, 2014. Decision Point Center’s focus is helping individuals that have dual-diagnosis, drug and alcohol addiction, compulsive behaviors, codependency, underlying trauma and behavioral health issues. 

 Decision Point has been treating adults since 2002, with a unique blend of 12 Step, holistic, adventure and individualized therapy to ensure that every one of our clients receives the most effective ...Read More

12 Tips for Getting Out of a Bad Mood


Large and rapidly moving, ominous clouds of negativity roll into my mind, infuse my thoughts and deeply darken my mood. As I exhale, I feel the irritability fume from my nostrils like fiery smoke from a dragon’s. As I bristle with defensiveness and hostility, I feel the energetic spikes of anger jet from my spine, creating a non-verbal warning to others to steer clear. My eyes narrow and shoot lasers of fury. My tongue sharpens and my words become cutting and biting. As waves of anger ripple through my body, my energy and power grows. My ...Read More

Arizona Humanities Launches Two New Programs for Veterans

Arizona Humanities presents two new free programs open to all veterans beginning this month. The goal of the programs is to help veterans reintegrate into the larger community while connecting with other veterans. 

Making Peace: Exploring Personal Experience Through Writing is a writing workshop designed for female veterans to learn writing techniques and share stories. At Home: Veterans Read and Share Stories is a facilitated book discussion for male veterans to read and discuss classic and contemporary literature.

Both programs ...Read More

Family Support for a Gambling Addiction

About 2 million Americans have a serious gambling addiction. Gambling is the act of wagering on the outcome of an event. The thrill of risk-taking sometimes becomes an addiction. Like all addictions, it takes a toll on the addict’s family. An addicted gambler often consistently places his need to wager above the needs and wants of his loved ones. There are several ways for concerned family members to help a gambling addict get treatment.

About Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive gambling, also called problem gambling or ...Read More

Celebrating Recovery in the Light

This month marks the 25th year of National Recovery Month Celebrations and the 9th annual Art of Recovery Expo. Tara Conner, this years Keynote Speaker may be best known as Miss USA 2006, but she is also an advocate for recovery. We invite you to hear Tara’s inspiring story of hope at 12:30 p.m. For more information visit artofrecoveryexpo.com.  Saturday, September 20th, Phoenix Convention Center. 

Tell us a little bit about your background and where you come ...Read More

Robin - The Boy Wonder of Improv

Embodying the Infinite Potential of Each Moment

Batman, the Caped Crusader, along with sidekick Robin, the Boy Wonder, fought crime on the Gotham streets. Robin Williams, the Boy Wonder of Improv, fought dullness, rigid thinking, and the idea that Reality was predictable. He made our the world more flexible and happier.
To his mind, the world moved very slowly. That gave the many characters who lived inside that fertile mind plenty of time to find ...Read More

Greek Gods, Narcissists and Psychopaths: What Do They Know about Empathy?

By Debra Kaplan, MBA, MA, LPC, CSAT-S  

I am often asked how I went from Wall Street commodity option trader to trauma and sex addiction therapist.  The leap might sound rather incongruous, but in reality it was natural in a left-hemisphere, right-hemisphere kind of way. I began my business career in the early 1980s trading physical commodities for what was at the time, the world’s largest commodity trading firm. I eventually made my way to Wall Street where I began to trade for a large investment bank in high-yield bonds ...Read More

Spotlight on Depression

Spotlight on depression: What to do if you or a loved one needs help

The sad news of Robin Williams’ death has brought new attention to a disorder that is painfully familiar to so many: depression. Here are some resources if you or a loved one needs help.

If someone is contemplating suicide:
Be on the lookout for warning signs such as expressions of suicidal thoughts, talk of feeling trapped or hopeless, dramatic mood changes, increased substance use, struggles with anxiety or insomnia, expressions of anger or rage, ...Read More

Acting Out! Psychodrama: Healing Eating Disorders and Addictions

Effectively employing psychodrama requires mastery of specific techniques, as well knowledge and experience in the ethics of how and when to employ such interventions.

Sally Acts Out

Sally, the protagonist, (main character) stands in the center of the room with her shoulders caved in enclosing her heart, her head in hands while tears roll down her face.
Heather, her alter ego, is at her right side supportively taking a stand against the life-long disruptive voices that fostered Sally’s crippling depression and eating disorder.
Harry plays the role of ...Read More

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Dr. Dina Evan

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