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Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery

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In recovery for more than 25 years, I hope to make a difference in people’s lives and inspire them in their recovery.



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Reckless, Fearless and Young - An interview with Gordie Bufton

In the grip of addiction, no one is invincible.

Gordie Bufton, Speaker, coach and author of Eluding Reality: A Memoir about Drugs, Psych Wards, and Recovery

Editor’s Note: Every addict and alcoholic I know, including myself, have some hair raising tales and stories of survival. Yet, I’m always intrigued when I meet a young person in recovery, someone who has completely turned their life around. Gordie Bufton is one of them. He’s a twenty-something, ...Read More

The Day the Silence Ended: UNITE to Face Addiction, Washington DC

By Jeff Grubert

What’s exciting about the recovery movement sweeping our nation is that we finally have a way of speaking about long-term recovery without breaking the anonymity set forth in Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Why would a person with long-term sobriety want to learn a new way of speaking about recovery? 

Simply put, everything we have experienced in long term recovery is due to the fact that we are sober, that we have a loving relationship with a Higher Power, and that we have become aware that ...Read More

Effective Treatments for Long-Term Recovery From Addiction

by Elisabeth Davies
According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 24.6 million Americans used illicit drugs in 2013. One in 10 were dependent on alcohol. Approximately 65% of those who did not struggle with addiction, were negatively affected by a family member’s addiction.  Addiction is a chronic brain disease causing a person to pathologically pursue reward or relief by using a substance or ...Read More

Is Your Addict Child Making You Crazy? 5 Ways Al-Anon Can Help

Shame and isolation are two unwelcome companions in the daily lives of parents of young addicts. There’s the shame of having a child who is heading for “jail, not Yale.” There’s the shame of having intensely negative feelings about the child you love. And there’s the shame of descending into dysfunctional parenting: enabling, screaming, lecturing, threatening and seething with resentment 24/7.

This abundance of shame tends to isolate parents. After all, what kind of parent wants to admit that their child is making them crazy? Or that they hate the kind of ...Read More

The River Source launches Women-Only Residential Program

One of Arizona’s leading drug and alcohol addiction recovery centers, The River Source, has announced the opening of an all-new residential treatment program that specifically caters to women. The new rehab program is located in downtown Mesa, the third-largest city in Arizona.
“We’re excited to offer our unique model of healing to an exclusively female audience,” said The River Source CEO Phill Westbrooks. “Studies show women are more likely to complete a treatment program within a single-gender environment. This program will allow us to provide some services not ...Read More

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Dr. Dina Evan

Dr. Dina Evan

Dr. Evan is a life/soul coach working with individuals, couples and corporations.

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Bobbe McGinley

Bobbe McGinley MA, MBA, CADAC, LISAC, NCGC II, is a nationally known speaker, author, presenter and trainer.

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Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is the author of many inspirational books.


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Cary Bayer

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