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Inspiring Success on the Road to Recovery

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In recovery for more than 25 years, I hope to make a difference in people’s lives and inspire them in their recovery.



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Meet Greg Williams

Shining a Light on Recovery
From Addict to Advocate

In just a few weeks, Saturday, September 17 to be exact —The Art of Recovery welcomes Greg Williams to Arizona for the 11th annual Expo. Greg is clean and sober since age 17; a powerful voice for recovery advocacy, and filmmaker of The Anonymous People and Generation Found. 
It is my hope we join together as a community to welcome him and celebrate Recovery Month. 
—Barbara Nicholson-Brown


Describe your journey from addict ...Read More

Which Rehabs are Legit?

By Jim Kreitler, CEO, Calvary Addiction Recovery Center

There are many factors to consider when choosing or referring to an addiction treatment program. Is it safe? Are their business practices fair and legitimate? Do they follow sound clinical guidelines in regards to therapy, documentation and confidentiality? Does the program have a track record of success?

These considerations take on added legal and ethical consideration when a licensed professional or program is referring a patient who has been under their care. If it ends tragically due to unsafe conditions or finances become problematic what is the liability for the referral source?
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Physical and Meta-Physical Checkups

By Coach Cary Bayer  www.carybayer.com

Most good health insurance policies recommend their policyholders see their doctors for a physical check-up on an annual ...Read More

Dear Millennials

You are the future. You have opportunities to cure cancer, have a huge impact on poverty and income inequality, save our environment, reduce crime and incarceration and so many other issues.  

You have already won an enormous victory in human rights with marriage equality and you are rightfully proud of that accomplishment. No one was harmed in that enormous change you made to our society and way of life. Freedoms were gained.
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Trauma, Recovery, and Resilience

By Kathleen Parrish, MA, LPC, Clinical Director, Cottonwood Tucson  
It is difficult to watch the news today. There seems to be near daily reports of violence and unrest in our world. A friend recently told me she had made a conscious decision to eliminate television and other news sources from her life. She said it is too frightening and painful to watch the trauma happening around us. And do you know what? She is right. We are living in tumultuous times, with frequent reports of violence happening right in our own backyard. We are living in an atmosphere of increased tension, chaos, and unpredictability. We are ...Read More

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Sonora Alliance Video: Debbie Moak and Seth Leibsohn discuss the adverse effects of legalizing Marijuana for recreational use in Arizona. Both Debbie and Seth appeared on Newsmaker Sunday with John Hook.


Guest/Monthly Columnists

Dr. Dina Evan

Dr. Dina Evan

Dr. Evan is a life/soul coach working with individuals, couples and corporations.

Bobbe McGinley
Bobbe McGinley

Bobbe McGinley MA, MBA, CADAC, LISAC, NCGC II, is a nationally known speaker, author, presenter and trainer.

Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is the author of many inspirational books.


Cary Bayer
Cary Bayer

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