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In recovery for more than 25 years, I hope to make a difference in people’s lives and inspire them in their recovery.



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From Pills to Heroin: CBI Attacks the Opioid Epidemic

By Stephanie Siete, Director of Community Education, Julie Wonsowicz-Moore, Senior Director of Clinical Services and Natalia Chimbo-Andrade, Community Education & Outreach Manager

A new year usually means new beginnings, goals, resolutions and change… the same can also be said for overcoming drug addiction. But what do people really know about drug addiction unless they have been personally affected by it. The word “opioid” has been tossed around a lot lately in news reports, presidential addresses, and in the treatment of managing pain. However, identifying opioid drugs, current trends, behaviors, and withdrawal, ...Read More

So Long, Leonard Cohen

By Coach Cary Bayer www.carybayer.com

“In streams of light I clearly saw
The dust you seldom see,
Out of which the Nameless makes
A Name for one like me.” —Leonard Cohen, “Love Itself”

In November, Leonard Cohen, the great poet singer/songwriter and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, died at the age of 82. Or more aptly, went home, for as he wrote in “Going Home,” one of his most deeply spiritual songs:

“Going home/Without my burden
Going home/Behind the curtain
Going home/Without the costume
That I wore.”
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Finding Financial Recovery

By Renee Sieradski, EA, Owner, Tax Intervention,

When people are in crisis, we tend to go off track with our finances. In the context of recovery from addiction, when we get sober, we often find we have debts resulting from credit cards, hospitals, institutions, doctors, the government, or others.

Dealing with dysfunctional family modeling around finances as well as shame from abuse, can set us up to have an unhealthy relationship with money. 

As a survivor of childhood abuse and dysfunctional financial habits, I can speak from experience that although overwhelming — it's not impossible to learn to have a ...Read More

Hot Topics

Research on substance abuse and bullying — surprising findings

By Celia Vimont

Researchers looking at the relationship between bullying and substance use in teens are coming up with some surprising findings. This is especially true in the area of bullying victimization and substance use, according to Amanda Nickerson, PhD, Professor and Director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention, Graduate School of Education at the University of Buffalo in New York.
“A fair amount of research has found higher rates of substance use among bullying perpetrators,” says Dr. ...Read More

Make Sober Holidays a Reality

By: Jaime W. Vinck, MC, LPC, NCC, Chief Operations Officer for Sierra Tucson
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Sonora Alliance Video: Debbie Moak and Seth Leibsohn discuss the adverse effects of legalizing Marijuana for recreational use in Arizona. Both Debbie and Seth appeared on Newsmaker Sunday with John Hook.


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Dr. Dina Evan

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Alan Cohen

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Cary Bayer

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