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In recovery for more than 25 years, I hope to make a difference in people’s lives and inspire them in their recovery.



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Remembering a Gentle Giant

By Carrie Steffensen

I had the incredible opportunity of traveling with John Bradshaw as we put on presentations for The Meadows across the U.S.  I’m so grateful for that experience. John influenced me, encouraged me, and was a genuine and generous friend. 

“When death finds you hope it finds you alive.” John regularly shared this African proverb with his audiences, urging and imploring us all to accept ourselves, trust ourselves and believe in ourselves. He asked us, “What is the water of your life? What is the work you like to do, the work that makes you graceful? Who are the people that bring you vitality, who make you feel the most alive? Where ...Read More

The Art of Self-Care

By Adrian Fletcher, Psy.D.

What is self-care exactly? Good question right? This is a question many people struggle to answer. I have heard clients say anything from… “It’s selfish to take care of myself”…OR…. “I have to help other people then I will create time for me”… “I’ll get to it, I promise”… so herein lies the problem...we never really get to it unless we are forced too. 

Read More

LIFE 101 with Coach Cary Bayer

Wise Guy/Wise Man — JIM CARREY

By Coach Cary Bayer  www.carybayer.com
Among the most enlightening graduation addresses I’ve heard was Jim Carrey’s at Maharishi University of Management. Having received my Masters degree from this bastion of higher learning that awakens your higher Self, I proud share its highlights.
The comedian/mystic says: “I thought Jim Carrey is all that I was… The great nothing masquerading as something you can name. You didn’t think I could be serious did ya’? I don’t think you understand who you’re ...Read More


“That’s not the girl I fell in love with.”  “He’s nothing like he used to be.”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

By Dr. Marlo Archer

“When I hear spouses say these sorts of things about each other, I bristle and every fiber in my body wants to scream out, “Of course! What did you expect?”

Let’s take this to its most obvious point. Consider a 16-year-old kid named Kelly, just got a ...Read More

Hot Topics

An Important Message about Teen Girls and Suicide

By Jan Hamilton, Doorways

The suicide rate for girls aged 10-14 has tripled from 1999 to 2014. In fact, the CDC has reported the suicide rate has increased by 24% since 1999, and has been increasing by 2% per year since 2006. Suicide is now the second-leading cause of death for young people aged 15-24.
Two-thirds of people who commit suicide suffered from depression and most of them had not sought out or received treatment.
The question to ask is —
What can we do to help these kids?
The first thought that comes to mind is that we need to remove the stigma ...Read More

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Sonora Alliance Video: Debbie Moak and Seth Leibsohn discuss the adverse effects of legalizing Marijuana for recreational use in Arizona. Both Debbie and Seth appeared on Newsmaker Sunday with John Hook.


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Dr. Dina Evan

Dr. Dina Evan

Dr. Evan is a life/soul coach working with individuals, couples and corporations.

Bobbe McGinley
Bobbe McGinley

Bobbe McGinley MA, MBA, CADAC, LISAC, NCGC II, is a nationally known speaker, author, presenter and trainer.

Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is the author of many inspirational books.


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Cary Bayer

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